How does the gel work?

During the teeth whitening treatment discolouring of organic substances that are contained in the teeth enamel occurs. The whitening gel contains a whitening substance that is active by the LED Light. This whitening substance penetrates the teeth surface and reacts with pigmented areas of the teeth enamel. Pigmentation in the teeth tissue discolours under the [...]

What causes teeth pigmentation?

There are many reasons for pigmentation to appear on your teeth. Plenty of food products cause pigmentation such as: soft-drinks, tea, coffee,wine and smoking. Antibiotics could also cause your teeth to get a yellow tone. One should not disregard factors such as thoroughness of teeth care and age of individual.

Are there any side effects?

No, this treatment does not cause any side effects. A number of scientific studies prove that cosmetic teeth whitening is safe and non-toxic. PEARLSMILE products are all approved by EU accredited German laboratories and are all manufactured in Germany.

What should I pay attention to after the treatment has been completed?

The process of teeth whitening is still active for up to 1.5 hours after the treatment has been done. One should avoid eating or drinking for 1.5 hours after the treatment. During the treatment your teeth may lose some moisture, which will be regained shortly thereafter. One should avoid smoking, consuming food and beverages that case [...]

How often can I conduct the treatment?

Our cosmetic teeth whitening treatment has no pause time restrictions and can be conducted as often as you like. You can have a great white smile at all times by getting the treatment at any important moments in your life like wedding, a date or a job interview.

How long will results stay for?

The result you get will stay anywhere from 3 to 6 months. However the continuance of the effect may depend on the lifestyle. Try avoid smoking! To prolong your results, you may also use PEARLSHINE in the mornings and evenings. After a cigarette, coffee, green tea or red wine you can brush your teeth with [...]

How much brighter my teeth will be after the first treatment?

After the first 21 minutes of PearlSmile teeth whitening treatment, you can expect a up to 9 shades brighter smile.